Only $25.00 !!
The message is simple.The Safetypin. Simple in its design and effective , even if you just have one. Flexible and helpful. It makes things stronger when pinned together.  Thats you. Thats me.  We must be strong for each other. When someone sees your safetypin they will know that you are safe. And you will be stronger , together.
This is about inclusion, acceptance, equality and freedom for all. When you wear this t-shirt, you will get nods from approval from people in the know and you will know that you are always on the side of whats right. Hate has no place in our society. We are a melting pot of cultures , peoples and histories from around the world. That, is what makes America Great. We must stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to fight tyranny.  Wear this shirt with pride. We are all brothers and sisters.

This shirt comes in both Men's and Women's Short Sleeve  100% cotton crew neck , with a white safety pin on the front.